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One of the best scenes ever :D

"Your best friends suck!"

-A Jordan Parrish imagine-

"It’s the weekend baby!" Stiles yelled as you left the school together with him and Scott after the last bell ring on friday. "Y/N anything you’re up to tonight?" Scott asked and you shook your head "Not yet, movie night at mine?" you asked "That’s what I’m talking about!" Stiles yelled excited. "Dude, could you please just stop yelling?" Scott asked and laughed "Nah…well just because you asked so kindly" Stiles responded and boxed Scott slightly on the shoulder. You grinned; nothing made you happier than your both best friends. “Alright ladies,” you said to them “9 pm, some drinks and movies and I’ll count on you. Maybe I’m gonna invite another person but I’m not sure about it yet…stop rolling your eyes McCall, my revenge is going to be bloody!” Scott laughed “Sorry Y/N! See you later!” he and Stiles hopped into the Jeep and you drove home on your beloved motorcycle.

At home you arranged some drinks, food and movies, refreshed your hair and make up a little and sat down at the couch. A look at the clock told you there were still 2 hours left till Scott and Stiles would arrive. You took your phone out and opened the messages. You scrolled trough your open chats and searched for a specific name. “Parrish” - there it was. You were thinking over and over again to send him a text. You and him weren’t anything special. Just some flirts here and then but sometimes you just wanted to have him around really badly, like right now. Finally you decided to text him:

You sighted. Somehow he had something against Scott & Stiles but you didn’t know what it was. You were close friends since you started to think. Everyone knew this. You threw your phone on the couch and tunred on the tv to get the time passed until your two favourite chaotics arrived.

As always the doorbell rang on time. You opened the door “Hey Y/N long no see” Scott laughed. You let both inside and Stiles ran straight in the living room, threw himself on the couch and crossed his arms behind his head. “Soo what are we going to watch?” he looked at you und tilted his head to show off his curiosity “Well you have the choice between horror, psycho horror or finest horror movies” Scott laughed “You’ll never dissapoint us, that’s why we love you!” you picked up a movie, got some drinks and got comfy on the couch. After a few minutes you were really into that movie. It got more and more thrilling from second to second as suddenly the door bell rang again. “FOR FUCKS SAKE!” you screamed, Scott cringed, and Stiles almost got a heart attack after a few seconds you all began to laugh and you stood up to open the door. You were really surprised by seeing Jordan infront of it “Hey Y/N your invitation still counts?” he smiled “Uh yeah sure, come in!” you stepped a side to let him in. You went back to the living room, Parrish following you. “Hey” he said shortly and sat down in the armchair. You broght him some drinks and then you were sitting back down between Scott and Stiles. You put up your feet on Stiles’ lap and rested your head on Scott’s shoulder. Parrish couldn’t focus on the movie, he was always looking up to you and your two best friends. You locked eyes with him “everything alright, Jordan?” he sighted “well, could be better. Maybe I should have driven home and watch movies on my own!” you rolled your eyes “Then what are you doing here, sweetheart?” you asked in a sarcastic voice. “urgh!” he responded. “What the hell is wrong with this dude? Maybe my dad should kick his ass” Stiles said while watching the Deputy walking out into the garden. “Maybe Y/N should just talk to him” said Scott, slightly slapping your head “Get up and go, Stiles and I can handle this movie alone” you stood up “If I hear you two girls screaming I’l come back and put Cinderella on” you laughed, walked outside and shut the door behind you. Parrish was sitting on a chair on your terrace and you sat next to him. “What the hell is wrong with you? You come here, sit down with a stupid hey and after five minutes you walk outside with a mood that even gives Grumpy Cat competition!” Parrish stood up again and started to walk back and forth “You really don’t get it huh?” you stood up too “What do I don’t get?” you responded, gettin angry. “Y/N everytime I see you with those two…brats I could freak out!” You leaned against the wall of your hose “Those two ‘brats’ are my best friends since ever and how do you dare to talk to me like I’m stupid?” you crossed your arms and looked angrily at him. He walked up to you and looked you in the eyes “Because you make me crazy Y/N! That’s why!” he pushed you against the wall, your eyes widened “Then why you never told me before?” you asked, trying to push him a little away. “Because all those flirts were just little games to you!” he said loudly, grabbing your wrists to hold them tight. You raised your eyebrow “How will YOU know this Jordan?” you tried to fumble out of his grasp but it didn’t work out. “Do you think I invite you here for fun? Just to mock you? Do you know what conquest it needed to ask you to come here? I fucking fell for you, you know? But I EXACLTY knew how you would react to Scott and Stiles, that’s why I always hesitate. Those two goofs are like my brothers and nothing will ever change that. You have to think about that. If you can’t handle, just go! But don’t you dare to ever come back again then!” you finally let everything out what you were thinking about him from the beginning since you met Parrish for the first time. He looked at you with big eyes “Y..you..wait what? I thought you would go for one of them!” you laughed “I would never! I love them! I really love them to death but never in that way like I fell for you.” Suddenly Jordan lifted your wrists up and wrapped your arms around his neck. He pushed you even harder against the wall and gave you a kiss, that made your breath stop. You leaned into that kiss, closed your eyes and just started to feel him. You got lost as your tounges started to fumble. “Ahh finally!” you heard Stiles saying you both backed of by the sound of Stiles voice and looked at him “Y/N, the movie is over, you both wanna come in and start a new one?” Scott smirked and went inside together with Stiles. You and Jordan started to laugh “So let’s ge inside, I think I have to get to know my new buddies” he said & so this movie night just turned out to one of the best ones you’ve ever had.

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Hi I'd like a Teen Wolf ship. I'm Samantha a 5'6, 18 years old with brunette hair and green eyes who is sarcastic, smart, witty, dorky, cynical, stubborn, short tempered, loyal and I value being true to yourself above all else and never compromising beliefs for anyone. My hobbies are reading, soccer and skateboarding. Out of the 4 options I'd like numbers 4,5,15 and 17. Please and thank you!

It’s done :) 

Teen Wolf Ship for Samantha ♥: 

I ship you with:


Cute couple moment:

You and Stiles were play fighting in his room. You threw pillows at each other, were boxing and tickling each other. You fell off the bed and pulled Stiles with you. He landed right above you looking you stricly in the eyes. You both went quiet and enjoyed that moment. “Wow Samantha I…I love you” he said and kissed you gently. Your heart started to race, it was the first time ever Stiles said that.

Why you guys fight:

Stiles was a cute and gentle goof and you knew nobody will ever be as faithful as he was but that couldn’t help you of not getting jealous everytime Stiles talked to another girl. You immediatley wanted to rip hear throat out and you started to become annoying. This thing always got you and Stiles into a fight ‘cause it made him upset that you spent thoughts abut him being with another girl.

Girl friend moment:

You and Lydia were really amazing friends since ever. It was the 3rd saturday of the month what means you and Lydia met up for a beauty-day. You both tried new trends, new make up and went shopping for new amazing clothes.

What he loves most about you:

Stiles adores your green eyes. Everytime he needed to get calm, he looked into them & just got lost.

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Teen Wolf Ship for I-flexing ♥: 

I ship you with:



Your best friend:



Cute couple moment:


It was a cold winter day and Derek brought you to a log cabin in the woods. He was one of the most romantic people you’ve ever met. You both were resting at the couch right in front of the chimney, your heard resting on his chest, his arms wrapped around you. He let out a little satisfied sight. You lifted your head “is something wrong?” you asked and he shook his head and smiled. “No it’s just…I just realized how much I love you babe!” he kissed you forehead and you smile “I love you too Derek!” you reaced for his hand and interlaced your fingers before you put your head back on his chest.

Why you guys fight:


Derek was really overprotective about you. No matter what it is, even it is you carriying a bag from the grocery store you always heard him say “Let me do this!” Of course you find that cute but sometimes you just were annoyed from that and dropped off the bomb which brought you in heated argumens but also in heated make up’s.

What you do together:


With all this stress and happenings in beacon hills, you two always were happy to get some off time. Just time where you did what couples normally do. If you both needed a “black out” you went out in the woods, taking a long walk with much talking, arguing, lauging and play fighting.

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Der liebe Simon Ungespielt hat mich getaggt. Da ich was spät dran bin, wurde natürlich fleißig gespendet. Dennoch wollte ich es mir nicht nehmen lassen und habe mir einen Eimer Eiswasser über die Rübe hauen lassen. Von mir werden nominiert: Gronkh, die DONOTS und Marteria



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Alter *______* Der Mann macht mich jedes Mal aufs Neue fertig o_O


Alter *______* Der Mann macht mich jedes Mal aufs Neue fertig o_O

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